Chartered 1992. Celebrating 23 years of Community Service on Bali. 1992-2015

In May 2018 RCBND together with Rotary Clubs Carnegie-Collier and District 7300 (USA); Kaufbeuren-Ostallgau, Koln-Kapitol and Mulheim-Ruhr-Uhlenhost (Germany) received approval for Global Grant No. 1864795, to continue this vital work.

This is our second Global Grant and builds upon on our work over the years. In addition to Cleft Lip & Palate surgeries, this Grant includes funds for primary dental care for children seven years of age and above (many of whom are returning for follow-up care. This is a basic dental exam and cleaning to prepare the mouth for surgery. That being stated, all together this Global Grant should allow RC Bali Nusa Dua to perform approximately 180 hare-lip and cleft palate operations by May 2020.

ID Record First Name Last Name Age Gender Record
01642 Ameera Calesta Putri 1.2 Year(s) Female View Record
01643 Muh. Al. Khabir 3.21 Month Male View Record
01644 Diren Yagu Yamar 1.5 Year(s) Male View Record
01645 Frengki Mudi 13.3 Year(s) Male View Record
01646 Dewi Wora Hana 2.6 Year(s) Female View Record
01647 Heskia Febriansa Migu 4.16 Month Female View Record
01648 Agripianus Randung 10.11 Year(s) Male View Record
01649 Junesti Tere Lajar 10 Year(s) Female View Record
01650 I Gede Suweca Antara 1.2 Year(s) Male View Record
01651 Fidel Sefrianto Neken 4.29 Month Male View Record
01652 Kevin Agusti Amtiran 1.9 Year(s) Male View Record
01653 Amelia Bambang Nona 7 Year(s) Female View Record
01654 Bona Ventura Jahodut 16 Year(s) Male View Record
01655 Chiko Jorell Leroy Amtiran 8.4 Year(s) Male View Record
01656 Kevin Adrianto Feoh 17.5 Year(s) Male View Record
01657 Melvin Alfaro Baunsele 5.2 Year(s) Male View Record
01658 Mido 15.3 Year(s) Male View Record
01659 Mora Lambu 13.7 Year(s) Female View Record
01660 Ni Luh Olifia 6.8 Year(s) Female View Record
01661 Salbina 3.2 Year(s) Female View Record
01662 Sharon Lukas Hike 3 Month Female View Record

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