Chartered 1992. Celebrating 23 years of Community Service on Bali. 1992-2015


Chartered on 30 June, 1992 as Bali's first English speaking Rotary Club, we meet on Thursdays at 12.30PM at the Bali National Golf Resort in Nusa Dua Bali.

This website provides organisations and individuals which have sponsored operations for children an opportunity to track and review the progress of their donation in 'real time' until scheduled reports are presented. For privacy, patient photos and medical records are not available to the public. Sponsoring organisations will be provided a username and password to track donations.

RCBND's cleft program, like all other RCBND is organised and managed by members of RCBND who volunteer their time with the result that 100% of all donations to this (or any other program) goes to the direct benefit of the intended recipient.

If you would like to donate please visit our Club website for further details and bank account information. course, we invite and encourage you to visit and join our weekly meeting.

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